Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Consumer fights back! - 2

Consumer fights back! was all about how a consumer did not give up fighting for his rights, how he waited patiently to get a rotten piece of cloth changed. Well, in this case, this consumer was none other than me.

I was asked to wait for 10 days (for what?, read Consumer fights back!) but I waited for almost twice of this time. When on 11th day, I gave a call to the shop manager of Genesis, Basics to know the status of my complaint; he demanded more time to get it fixed. So, I gave him a call after 3 days and again he started reasoning with me for more time. Now this was enough to freak me out. I directly dialed the head-office number in Chennai and queried about the proceedings of my complaint. My phone call was routed a few times (wasted 10 minutes of out-station call) before I got the right person on the line. When I asked him about my complaint, he said that T-shirt was fine and the disappearance of color was the style. He said that they made that cloth's material deliberately like that. I was not only surprised but completely freaked out. People never stop justifying. They keep arguing until you lose your cool or just agree with what they are saying to put a full-stop to the matter. But I was as hard a nut as he was and after dragging the talk for another 10 minutes, he got convinced to change it one more time. But I would have been happier if he had simply accepted the fault.

I called up the shop manager and apprise him of the situation. He again demanded some more time based on some incomprehensible reasons. So, I went to the shop on the coming weekend and chose a white shirt with a price tag of 800 INR.

The Shop manager asked me to get any other piece of same price range (my pervious purchase was of 700 INR) but I did not find anything good in that range. Actually, I did not want to buy any other color except white from that shop because I wanted to cut down the chances of fading to nill. So I finalized that white shirt. When he asked about squaring off the balance, I reminded him about the phone calls that I made to him and to his head-office, the number of times I had come to his shop to get the T changed etc, which was sufficient to make him quite. So I stepped out of the shop with another piece of cloth with a higher worth and with a color that I like. I have worn and washed the shirt a few times and faced no problems.

All in all, I won the battle against a not-so-easy-to-handle company that definitely wasted my lot of time and efforts but could not break my spirit to fight. I want to thank friends/colleagues/people who read Consumer fights back! and encouraged me to continue my fight.


Muthukumaran said...

Man ... atlast u had the last laugh ... kudos for u'r efforts ... and "Actually, I did not want to buy any other color except white from that shop because I wanted to cut down the chances of fading to nill." , ha ha simply superb ...

Vinayak said...

Nice post
U have writed superbly
keep it up
wanna blogroll?
if yes then reply

Yogee said...

Great! I had very bad experience during which I learned a lot about fighting such things. Her are those:
1. If the problem is not solved for 3 weeks, make up ur mind to fight. And accept that it will take long to get justice.
2. Send them a written notice by resisted post threatening them to sue.
3. Send them second notice after 10 days or.
4. Get help of any NGO (there are hell lot of them) to register the complaint. They gives their own notices to them. These will keep their ass busy in solving the problem. And if they are not doing anything prepare for legal battle. You will win for sure :)